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January 17, 2015
Feb 14, 2015
Mar 21, 2015

10:30 am
S. Brunswick Municipal Building


Mailing Address:
New Jersey Local Boards of Health Association
PO Box 5069
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

Phyiscal Address:
S. Brunswick Health Dept.
40 Ridge Rd,
Monmouth Jct, NJ
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Dianna Lachman
PO Box 5069
Kendall Park, NJ 08824



Although local boards of health in New Jersey are responsible for ensuring the development and implementation of public health policy and programs in each of our communities, we have not had a mechanism for bringing local public health concerns to the attention of those who are responsible for developing public health policy at the state and national levels. In addition, local boards of health have not had a mechanism for communicating with each other or for accessing information and training that might improve their ability to lead their communities toward improved health. The New Jersey Local Boards of Health Association was developed to provide those mechanisms.

It is our belief that a grassroots organization of this type can restore some of the resources needed to combat the ever increasing barrage of public health problems. Issues such as AIDS, Lyme Disease, Radon, Drug Resistant TB, Measles, Groundwater Contamination, and protection of our oceans are only some of the issues which you, as local board of health members, must address.

NJLBOHA provides unique learning opportunities geared to the needs of local board of health members. In addition to our Annual Meeting, we offer an orientation program for new board members and special issue workshops for all board members.

We serve as your voice on the state and national level. We represent your views on the Public Health issues facing us. The needs of local boards of health are now being represented through NJLBOHA with both the executive and legislative branches of state government as well as with our congressional representatives.

Through programs, workshops, and our newsletter, NJLBOHA provides opportunities for members of local boards of health, other community leaders and health professionals to meet and exchange ideas.

NJLBOHA joins with other key health organizations to bring you special programs and meetings.

We are affiliated with the National Association of Local Boards of Health and through them we work closely with the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in Atlanta. In addition to the executive board members you elect to represent you, we are pleased to have non-voting members on the executive board representing the New Jersey Public Health Council, the New Jersey State Nurses Association, the New Jersey Health Officers Association, the Society of Professional Health Educators, and the New Jersey Public Health Association.

The NJBOHA Newsletter is published quarterly and disseminated to health leaders throughout the state. Additionally, special mailings are sent out as needed on issues of particular significance.

Membership involvement and commitment is important when pursuing grants. With grants we increase the scope of membership benefits and create leadership opportunities for boards of health.



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